Friday, February 3 2017

How To Create A Nice Gift Basket

When you are looking to create a thoughtful, personal gift for someone, gathering a collection of smaller gifts together in a basket or hamper provides a multi-faceted exploration into your relationship. By culminating a series of gifts that demonstrate your intricate knowledge of their personality and packaging it in an aesthetically pleasing manner demonstrates time and effort.

While it doesn’t need to be filled with expensive items, the craftsmanship gives the impression of a luxury present full of indulgence. However, there are a few key secrets to putting together a beautiful gift basket, which makes it a hit every time.

Firstly, choose your basket wisely. Do not use a basket with a rounded base as this will rock if heavy items are put into it. Equally, it is more difficult to visually display all the items win the basket without some getting lost in the bottom. Make sure the basket is sturdy and easy to lift.

The arrangement should be akin to a display in a store. You want to add the bigger, bulkier items at the back of the basket, with smaller, more delicate items at the front. This will allow the recipient to see everything at once. Be aware that putting all the heavy items toward the back will cause the basket to tip over, so try to balance out the weight. If you would like to draw attention to some smaller items, evening out the cluster of the aesthetic, you can stick them to bamboo sticks, place Styrofoam in the bottom and push the bamboo into the Styrofoam. This will also stop delicate items from slipping in the basket and becoming crushed.

When selecting what to put in the basket, try to budget first. Think of a couple of more expensive items and complement them with cheaper extras. Equally, consider the personality of the person for whom you are purchasing and try to tailor the package to an experience they may enjoy. For example, for somebody who enjoys luxury, organize a gift basket for a pamper night at home. Perhaps include a bottle of wine, a DVD, and indulge in some nice body creams, while also adding some homemade face masks, a bath bomb and a couple of bars of chocolate. If you were tailoring your basket to someone who enjoys cocktails, splash out on a cocktail shaker and a couple of small bottles of liquor, and fill out the basket with fruits and herbs to finish off the cocktails.

The secret to a great gift basket is practicality and personality. Themed gifts give the personal edge that provides the thought, while the practicality enables you to display those gifts effectively. Don’t forget to package it with clear cellophane and complementary ribbons to add the aesthetic touch of luxury.

Wednesday, January 11 2017

Creative Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Who doesn't enjoy a gift that's personal and from the heart? Anyone can go to the store and just purchase an item, but it takes someone special to really think of a gift that they can create themselves. I have always been someone who loves to receive a home-made gift so in return I have learned to make my own gifts for the people special in my life. The gifts I have the most fun with and take the most pride in are the ones I create for my boyfriend.

My boyfriend loves to hunt and fish and pretty much anything outdoorsy so an easy, so a personal gift I made him was a painted canvas of a buck silhouette. It is rustic and chic so we can both enjoy it hanging on the wall. I am also pretty sure I can say that I am the only person to ever get him a painting, let alone make it myself. Another gift I found to be a success was a simple coupon book. I made about 10 coupons that you could rip out and redeem.

The coupons were good for random things from a back massage to a weekend hunting trip with the guys with no interrupted calls from yours truly. My boyfriend enjoyed it and I was able to take advantage of it as well by having a girl’s weekend with some of my friends. One gift I made for his birthday, him and his friends both enjoyed. It was a man bouquet full of a travel-size alcohol bottle, cigars and candy. It did take him a while to dig into, but once his friends saw it, it was all over. Another gift I have always wanted to try would be a scavenger hunt. I would have the hunt start at home with a note on the door that has a riddle and leads him certain places.

I would have the hunt go through all of the places that mean something to us like; where we first met, first date, first kiss etc. The last place would be our favorite hotel. It has a beautiful restaurant and water park where we often frequent. I would plan to stay for the whole weekend where we can just relax and enjoy each other’s company. Honestly, no matter what you do for your loved-one, as long as you put in the effort and it's from the heart, you will both enjoy it and they will appreciate it more than you think.

Thursday, December 15 2016

Creative Gifts You Can Make At Home

With so many holidays and special occasions, it can be difficult to decide which gifts to buy your loved ones especially if you are on a tight budget. However, it is possible to give an amazing gift even if you are short of cash. You can do this by creating your own gifts at home. Below are some creative gift ideas that can easily be made at home.

Customized Mug

Customized mugs are great gifts especially if you plan on giving them to someone who loves taking tea or coffee. All you need to make this gift is a plain porcelain mug and some porcelain markers. A black pen and white mug are the best because the designs come across clearly. You can either draw something on the mug or write an inspirational quote to inspire the person every time they use the mug. It is also a good idea to write something that means something to them. For instance, if they love working out, you can write something like 'too fit to quit' or something else related to fitness.

Knitted Scarf

This gift will require you to have some knitting skills. It is a perfect gift for the winter holidays. You can knit the scarf in the person's favorite color or make it unique by embroidering their name on it. This is a thoughtful gift and it will show you put a lot of time and effort into it. The person you give it to will definitely enjoy it. However, make sure you spare enough time to knit the scarf in order to ensure it turns out perfect.


For your loved ones who love to read, it is a great idea to make them cute bookmarks. To make this gift, all you need to do is download pictures online or cut meaningful pictures from a magazine. Instead of going for the normal rectangular shape, you can go for star shapes or heart shaped pictures. This will make your bookmarks look very unique. Once you have the pictures, print and cut them out. After cutting, laminate them and add a ribbon or string to it for pizzas.

Favor Coupons

A favor coupon is basically a coupon that will enable the person to earn a favor from you. You can include a number of things you are sure the person needs help with. This is a very good gift idea because it is a gift that will keep on giving. However, be sure to include things you will be willing to do and indicate when the coupons can be used.